Few reasons why buying new house is a better option than purchasing the old property.

You will have the flexibility to design your house to suit your families’ needs and lifestyle

In Your new home package there are no imperfections, no faults, no history and it is tidy with sparkling finish.

Your house will come with a 10 year Master Builders/Certified Builders guarantee giving you a peace of mind.

With better insulation and modern materials your home will be warmer and healthier. Taking care of you & family in those winter times.

There is hardly any maintenance costs for at least the first five to ten years of owning your new home with Master Homes, which saves your lot of unexpected expense.

You enjoy the benefits of latest new modern living which includes all the latest features like latest kitchen, walk in wardrobes, centralized Heating, underfloor heating, double glazing windows, LED lights, Alarm, Cameras, Security system in your designer home.

The double glazing helps keep the cold temperatures on the outside from affecting the climate on the inside. With up to 50% of a home’s heat lost through its windows and doors, double glazing can significantly reduce heat loss, resulting in increased comfort and savings on power bills.

With the development of the new housing area building new or emerging area you will be part of the new community. More often than not you will be surrounded by likeminded people.

Capital gain is achieved in most circumstances as soon as the house is complete; this is because the land has now been developed to its highest and best use.

Your home will be more desirable to buyers when you wish to sell as it has the latest fixtures and features of a modern home. The Guarantee of your house can be transferred to the new buyer giving him peace of mind as well.