An Insight into Our Planned and Streamlined

Process of Building

At Master Homes, we carry out a streamlined process of building, which ensures appropriate consideration of all the aspects of your home. Let’s take a look at the building process.
Step 1

The Footprint or The Plan

The very first step we follow is creating the plan of your house. It’s like assessing the land and accordingly planning the structure of your home.
Step 2

The Designing of Framework

The next step in the process is to create a design and begin with the framework of the property. It is the basic stage where erections are done and the outline of the property is created.
Step 3

The Shaping of Your Home

Once the structural framework has been done, the next step is to install the building wrap, which will intensify the structure of the home. After the building wrap is correctly placed, the roof can be rightly installed.
Step 4

Windows & Roof

After installing the building wrap, now the roof tiles, window installation, and soffits are placed to foster permanence in the structure.
Step 5

Installation of Walls

As the external structure of the house is ready, it’s time to add the bricks and give a homely appeal to the property. In this stage, we also go ahead with the installation of electrical wires and initial plumbing fixtures.
Step 6

Insulation In your House

The step includes installation of insulations in the interiors of the house. It also includes the installation of downpipes in the exteriors, which will keep you warm during winters. After completion of the bricklayer, it’s time when landscaping can be done on the ground.
Step 7

Sealing & Internal Elements

It’s time for the interior linings along with plastering, which creates a realistic view of your actual house. Also, boundary fencing is erected in the process.
Step 8

Kitchen Fixtures

The next step involves is planning the kitchen, this includes creating the kitchen with all the required fixtures and detailing. This stage is important as the kitchen is considered the heart of the home, which is why we put the utmost concentration in creating a beautiful kitchen for you.
Step 9

Door Installations

In this step, the doors, majorly the internal ones are fitted and the interiors are given finishing touches. The interiors are then prepared for painting and the exterior areas are also poured and boxed.
Step 10

An Aesthetic Feel

Once the interiors and exteriors are completed, it’s time to get creative with brushes and exotic colours. All the walls and places have three coats of paints, which ensures exotic finishing.
Step 11

Remaining Electricals

This step includes the completion of all the electrical fixtures and makes your home to the grid. Also, the step includes additions of suites in the bathroom to make the home ready for the next step of tiling.
Step 12

Tiling & Remaining Plumbing

This step includes tiling in the kitchen, bathroom, and in the entrance area. Also, the remaining plumbing is completed in this stage, which completes the construction part.
Step 13

Final Touch

Once all the parts of the paint, interiors, and other electrical and plumbing are done, it’s time to get installed some hardware for you. It includes installing blinds, carpets, doors, and shelves. Now that makes a construction site into a home.
Step 14

Get The Keys

Once the cleaning team has made the home tidy, you can now buy the property and get it registered under your name.